Protecting Children Through A Guardianship

Sometimes, parents are unable to continue raising their children. This may be due to drugs, alcohol or other issues. However, there are often many individuals in a child's life who care about them, like grandparents. Can one of them help take care of the child?

My name is Catherine Caldwell. I founded my Tulsa firm, Catherine M. Caldwell, Attorney at Law, with the goal of helping clients by offering personal attention and individualized strategy, in addition to my decades of experience. I often work with adult clients who are pursuing a guardianship for children.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Guardianships are often common when grandparents decide to become legal guardians of the grandchildren, due to the parents' issues. Though a guardianship does not automatically mean the guardian will actually provide care for the child, a guardianship does allow the guardian to:

  • Make medical, educational and financial decisions for the child
  • Ensure the child receives appropriate care and maintenance
  • Make decisions that the ward is unable to legally consent to

The guardian must also give the court updates on the child's circumstances periodically. In some cases, the guardian can pursue custody in addition to this decision-making power.

Becoming a guardian is a lengthy process, and requirements differ. As an experienced guardianship attorney, I can help you navigate the system.

Your Interests Are My Priority

If you are considering pursuing a guardianship, you will need the help of a lawyer. I am committed to helping you achieve your goals: call my Tulsa office today at 918-770-9070 or email me to arrange a meeting. I return calls promptly, usually the same day.