Make The Change Your Family Needs

Deciding to change your family, whether through divorce, adoption or any other family law process, is a tough decision. Once you have made that choice, you need a lawyer who can create a legal strategy to put your changes into place.

My name is Catherine Caldwell. Because I have been a family law attorney in Oklahoma for many years, I believe in helping my clients build their family the way they want.

Skill, Experience And Compassion

Due to my own experience going through a divorce, I understand that family law issues are not only legally, but emotionally complex. I am committed to giving my clients the personal attention they deserve, and I offer a full range of family law services in the Tulsa area, including:

  • Divorce. When you decide to end a marriage, you may have questions about what will happen to divide your property, manage your children and more. I can help answer those questions.
  • Child custody agreements. Concern about your children is natural. Ensure that your children are protected by seeking an attorney's help when negotiating custody agreements.
  • Child and spousal support. Depending on your financial situation, you may be eligible to pay or receive child or spousal support.
  • Modifications. Sometimes, a change in circumstances necessitates a change to an existing agreement.
  • Guardianship. If an adult is unable to take good care of his or her child, it may be necessary to find the child a new legal guardian — for instance, grandparents.
  • Adoption. If you are adding to your family through adoption, having a lawyer on your team can protect both you and the child.

I am committed to solving your legal needs effectively and skillfully, using my nearly three decades of experience.

I Can Help Your Family Move Forward

You know what is right for your family. I can help you make your plans into a reality. Call my Tulsa office at 918-770-9070 to discuss your situation and see what I can do for you. You may also reach out through my online contact form, and I return calls promptly, usually the same day.